Songwriting & Spectacles

Receive me

I’ve been out searching my trail for all I once held high and praised. I wish I’d kept it all on tapes. Retracing my steps now, lonely for a sound to receive me. I will return and I will return again. 

It is a matter of geography. The horizons here are wire traps, set up to cut me down. Sleepless in a dream. I’m walking the only grounds that ever really could receive me. I will return and I will return again.

Through the veil

I dreamt bottomless and fell deep into the map. I saw tall shadows of long lines of blood unravel and trail the ground. I saw the songbirds come again and the sky dissolved. 

All past summoned and together in song, that is what I saw as my feet left the ground. You where with me in a in a grain of sand. You where with me in a communion of light. 

Now onwards through the veil. Thoughtless and weightless. We shall be reborn by burying ourselves, and keep drifting the through the ages and the land below us

Return of the Buffalo

I used to be scared of letting my blood settle, as if it could somehow rust and leave me a wreck, robbed of thrust and tires. Now all I’m asking for is some elbow room and health enough to keep on imagining. 

Someone was making headlines, cutting horses in the dark the summer you were born. I was chasing sites from a mirage map I’d seen in a dream, driving in cowichan patterns across the flats. While visions flared off of my windshield I lit up in a smile. 

Long before we came, long after we go, in the ghostly haze on the distance, the buffalo roam and they never forget to remember the predictions made. Five times over the land will rise and swallow itself. Be assured, restitution comes to those who heed it, and all those reckless in love will suffer the ultimate pain. 

Tonight the trail homeward is a passage into a landless unknown. I will journey through that thin, thin veil and roam the other worlds awaiting beyond sky and clay. 

Let me on, let me on, let me in.


Dear Signal Hill, I am troubled still. Behold as I remain in this well sung and sorry state. Here’s some passing views to trade for a love song on a tape, sung with heartfelt honesty. A fluttering apology.
So I became a drone, a sweet and solemn tone.

Electromagnetically. I slipped into your dreams, through a crack in your head, where I’m now a signal echoing. Like a kick in your teeth, I’m a reckless melody. As the wind picking up speed, I’m hollering ceaselessly. 

Then I became a cloud, a running shadow on the ground. And I could forget my name and age just as easily as they were given to me. I saw everything estranged. The land was in the palm of my hand. Heaven was soaked in turpentine and I saw a flame on the tip of your tounge.

Then I became a stone, a secret to be kept untold.


When I was a glow, could you see me. All high blue and flailing. When you were a wave, I could sense you and all of your pending sensations. You, my thought of gold. Will I ever stop chasing your blood?

Let us soak our souls in black river water. Let us swear on graves, to go through thin and thin together. Now turn out night light and leave them stones laying in your bed

Of all the ghost I conjure up. You’re my favorite one of all. And you know I’m seriously connected way up above, and tonight they’re screening my reveries on the southwestern sky.

Let us dig our heels deep into love. Let us leave all loss and make our way through the fires. Come, let us step out into this vibrant night together

When I was a glow, could you see me. All high blue and flailing. You, my thought of gold, I will never stop chasing your blood.

I wish I was all of them, all the time. 

I wish I was all of them, all the time.